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Ater Jeff and his crew had successfully crossed the Karman line (an imaginary boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space) – with new shepherd, Jeff has got a new goal, one that affects all of humanity.

New shepherds successful flight marks the beginning of aerospace exploration and space tourism.This definitely is some good news for the millionaires because their money would earn them something more than the ‘earthly kind of lifestyle.’

After Jeff had a lifetime experience, seeing the earth from such a height (100KM), his perception and goals changed immediately as he says that humanity cannot stay on earth.He’s always said that the truest aim of blue origin is to expand humanity through space, find new material resources and move industries off our planet.

His aim is to transfer everything harmful to mother earth to another planet or a more distant position.You may wonder whether this is the truest solution, but his idea isn’t so new because his words are familiar.

It addresses Large structures, kilometers long capable of accomodating millions of people. This reflects what we see in science fictions, of colonies theorized for decades. He is so influenced by physicist Gerad K. O’Neil who theorized this in the 1970s.

He maintains that these structures be installed on the moon where millions can work and develop new resources that meet the demands of those living on Earth.

The major obstacle for him would be the criticism for what many call mere ‘publicity stunt’ in an attempt to make his already immense coffers bigger.

He actually did not help this cause when in the speech after the successful launch of blue origin stated that “all these have been paid for by you,” referring to Amazon employees and customers.

This was a thanks that had not been well received considering Amazon’s scandals related to ill treatment of it’s workers and the methods employed by the CEO to avoid paying taxes.

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