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[Case Study] How can I repay the dead?”

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By Valerian Ezenkwu

If you have been aided, then you inevitably owe those who had gone through lite or weighty struggles to see that you reached any particular sphere in life” (Whether Dead or Alive).

Early this morning, after a shady pain to say my morning prayer, I picked up my phone and glanced through my Facebook newsfeed. Trusting to see the usual birthday alerts and Nigerian ill-fated news. Believe me, when I say that I struggled to hold my tears as I stumbled upon the emotional post made by one of my pen friends (an orphan) who had just graduated from IMSU (Imo State University).

His post, was a tearful gratitude to his late uncle (who died few weeks to his graduation) and Sister (whose names would be withheld for some just reasons).

First, he spilt how he felt his dreams of being among the educated class was shattered at the sudden and ‘mysterious’ death of his only surviving parent in 2013.

It was indeed a trauma he wouldn’t wish even his cruelest enemy. He would have drenched away in sorrow and most probably in suicidal attempts. Until his late uncle and a Rev. Sister filled his seemingly bootomless pit of sorrow. You should have read that post yourself! It was for him, a God in two creatures.

Thereafter, he caught my attention with the resolve he made. It was termed; ‘an unsettled debt.’Be it a ‘pin’ or ‘dim,’ it is good to remind you that most cheerful givers or generous creatures often give in pain.

They give not because they have more. Rather, they give because they empathize with situations.For this reason,This debt we owe (even the deceased); the one who had freely given us their time, resources, and opportunities to succeed, is not one whose repayment is mandated as an obligation.

Rather, it is the one that teaches and preaches love which ought to be carried to others. In fact, it can be paid to a different ‘significant other’ in respect to the immeasurable favours received (whether alive or dead).Some of these people go through lots (even in wants) to seeing us achieve some commendable heights. Some of these people eventually are taken away from us at the climax of success when we feel they ought to either see or enjoy the fruits of these successes achieved.

Maybe there are some reasons why these people leave at this most important moment in life. Maybe the smiles we intend to put on them in reciprocity is meant for other people. For would they be taken, if God knew they needed ‘the smiles’ back?To repay the good received from the ‘now’ dead or alive, is to do likewise to others (even more)

Messi with one of the greatest smile- giving trophies at the grave site of Diego Maradona, a man who had longed wished him to reach this pinnacle of success.Rest in Peace.

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