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A Shoulder To Lean On: Arin Comforts Angel

1 Mins read

We love it when the sisterhood gets together in the House.

Angel and Arin had a heart-to-heart conversation last night right after the Housemates wrapped up their BB Token Task challenge. Angel was seen speaking to Arin in the garden, opening up about her insecurities and how much they are weighing her down.

Angel, who was in tears, started explaining how depression takes a huge toll on her well being. She opened up about being in pain almost every day in the House. Arin couldn’t help but tear up as well while Angel cried, advising her to ‘take each day as it comes’. She also encouraged Angel not to feel pressured about dealing with any issue she is facing.

She told her she was strong enough to have overcome so much at such a young age. Other encouragements included not feeling pressured about having bad days in the House. She told her to take days that seem difficult in the House like she is having ‘a bad Tuesday outside the House’ so as to understand that a bad day in the House should not lead her towards any form of depression.

Maria, who was seated near the two, chipped in saying Angel should look at all the other people in the House with the idea that everyone is trying to get their life together. She went on to recount her age and the ages of other Housemates who are much older in the House in a bid to make Angel see that people who were older than her were also still figuring out their lives.

There is nothing more precious than being surrounded by support in a time of need and we can see that the Shine Ya Eye geng have each other’s back.

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