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Former Miss Universe Colombia is stronger and more confident after having left leg cut

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Daniella Álvarez is the former Miss Universe Colombia 2011. She is getting better and more confident after having her left leg cut.

Former Miss Universe Colombia after cutting left leg

Daniella Álvarez had her left leg cut in June 2020. On SNS, this former beauty queen is more confident to flaunt her charms after that incident. Daniella says she is more mature, confident, and stronger now. She loves herself more day after day.

Daniella believes that people with disabilities still have the right to show off their beauty in appealing outfits as long as it’s not over. Family and friends are the reason to make her better, stronger, and happier every day.

The beautiful woman is also running her own fashion business while working as an MC in many programs. Besides, the former Miss Colombia is also the ambassador for many brands. She is also a judge in the beauty contest Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Living better by day

Her latest photoshoot on SNS got great reactions from followers and fans. She loves swimming and diving. Daniella can swim for hours because she loves the sea a lot. She says the sea can make her sorrow fade away and bold her happiness.

At the birthday party on May 24th this year, the strong woman said she still kept her smile and nurtured her hope despite the toughness on the way to the future. She broke up with the actor Lenard Vanderaa and he came back to Spain. Although they cannot be together longer, she still appreciates him and their memories.

Disabled and stunning

The beautiful woman commented that Lenard was gentle, kind, and sympathetic. He stood by her through the hardest time in her life. Daniella hopes SNS users will stop abusing the internet violation to her ex-boyfriend and his family. They seemed to misunderstand that the actor broke up with her due to her disability and had a new girlfriend.

During that time, Lenard Vanderaa didn’t try to explain and he only confirmed that he loved Daniella with all of his heart. He also believes in her strength and supports her. In short, they are still good friends after breaking up. Moreover, the reason for their break-up is not due to her disability.

Daniella said she would live better and more meaningful because a lot of people are supporting and encouraging her. They are sending her positive energy to make this woman stronger and optimistic. Her story is also very inspirational and motivating.

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