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Evil Conquers Good: A Case Study-Elderstateman

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Twenty years after the Americans drove the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan and after spending trillions of dollars to stop them from returning, the war against Islamist terror in that country has been lost.

Kabul has finally fallen to the Taliban and the Afghan President has fled out of the country. This is a victory of evil over good. The implications for millions of Afghans are obvious and the implications for the entire region and the international community are legion.

As from today Islamist terrorist groups all over the world will have massive financial, logistical and moral support from a strong Islamist Government in Afghanistan.

Apart from that millions of Afghan men who refuse to accept the dictates of the Islamists and jihadists will be executed and millions of Afghan women and girls will be enslaved.

Two lessons can be learnt from this. Firstly we must NEVER rely on the Americans or the international community to defend our nation from the terrorists that are ravaging our land and instead we must do it ourselves.

Secondly we must come together, unite, forget our differences and collectively fight and resist the scourge of Islamist terror that has plagued our land.

May God NEVER allow Boko Haram, ISWAP, the foreign Fulani militias or any other terrorist organisation to fly their flag over our nation, take over our nations capital, defeat our Armed Forces and conquer Nigeria.

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