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Lady beaten to death by touts in Akwa Ibom – Ab Isong

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Written by Ab Isong

Last week Saturday started like a normal day for this family whose bundle of joy is set to go to church on Sunday.

As usual this lady who is married to an officer sets out to Urua Kpokpo a local market in my state situated around the newly commissioned flyover to do her last day shopping for the event.

On arrival She began shopping and then stopped by her regular customer who is a garri seller for patronage.

Suddenly the petty trader raised alarm that her 2,500 (two thousand five hundred naira) is missing and accused the lady of stealing.
The lady opened her wallet and showed her over 40,000 in her wallet and wouldn’t stoop so low to stealing. when the lady became adamant, she offered to part with 2,500 from her wallet to safe her face but she insisted it must be her exact money which obviously was not in the woman’s possession.

She pleaded once again and even told her as her customer even if she was out of funds, it wouldn’t be out of place to borrow money from her to complete her shopping and return to her on getting home. This lady insisted and raised alarm till the touts around that area came over and the matter became worse.

Even as they saw her with some money, common sense never told them to hand over the woman to the police or constituted market authority. Oh No!

They gave her the beating of her life till she fainted in the pool of her blood.
As if that was not enough, one of the tout drove a big object into her private part and suddenly the woman who accused her was heard running to the scene shouting “she is innocent I have seen my 2,500, it was stocked between my garri bag” 😢 😭 💔

A kind hearted tricycle rider rushed the lady to the nearest hospital but it was too late 😢 😭 💔 😢 😭 💔 😢.

The garri seller is no where to be found since that day she closed her stall and escaped.

What a world!

I want to believe that necessary authorities are on this matter.
What a demonic manipulation.

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