[OPINION] The Metaverse Is not a New Thing – Aniekan Etim

When you dream at night you are in a Metaverse. Only difference is that unlike the characters and objects in our dreams; the characters and objects in the coming Metaverse are going to be real and not dummy.

The Metaverse Facebook (now Meta) is building is external and is inaccessible without AR/VR googles or headset.

But later on, Facebook and Co. will come to realize that this ancient technology can only be best enjoyed internalized; i.e without AR/VR googles or headsets.

I see that, at the end; brain-computer interface technology will mature well enough to allow us to have the Metaverse in our minds. We will be able to navigate seemly between artificial and natural Metaverse with the help of implants like Tesla’s Neuralink.

It’s possible that in the nearest future you may only need to “blink twice” to switch between natural (imagination) and artificial Metaverse. The experience will be out of this world, extremely beautiful, and unimaginably empowering.

The Metaverse Is Coming!


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