My 5 Year Old Daughter Lectured Me This Morning – David Umanah

Edima, My First daughter just lectured me this morning oooooooooooooooooooooo!!

This girl finished me ‘walahi’ but I’m kind of happy.

Emediong, Eddie’s kid sister had complained that an ant had entered her leg and I asked, “how is that even possible?”

Eddie as I fondly call her responded, “maybe the ant nibbled into her leg, causing her pains”.

I asked her, “what is nibble?”

She said, “when an animal bites small, that is bit by bit at something, thereby creating a small hole and entering through it. Daddy, am I correct?”

I looked up to the heavens in awe, pinched myself but it wasn’t a dream

I had been laughing because she wowed me with the explanations and she’s One hundred percent correct.

Then, I asked, how did you know that word and its meaning? She said, “I watched it in Cartoon, so I know”.

My people, things like this make me a proud dad. I am the happiest father on earth right now

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