Larrypro is a brand dedicated to great human development in all Ramifications of life. Our Vision is to Raise millions of Global Action thinkers through our different services especially with our collection of research materials and testimonials from industry greats.

We are committed to promoting the well being of man with great information ranging from sports, entertainment, fashion to lifestyle.

We are Leading the World and Shaping Culture in Business, Government,
Media, Entertainment, Family, Education and Religion.

A generation of informed minds will see to the sustainability of our beloved universe even as man tries to explore more than this physical sphere.

Join us let’s grow together.


The Larrypro Mission is to give transferable clarity, usable direction, winning positioning and rewarding expressions to people across the world (Christians and Non-Christians), by inspiring, impacting, mobilizing, effectively blending and releasing their individual and collective humanity, with an unmistakable resolve to together shape culture globally and alter the course of history in ways societies everywhere can be grateful for, and the heavens can celebrate.


Uduak Umanah is a futurist, creative writer, Transdisciplinarian, health Consultant and Strategist. He has special dedication to the Children Ministry and hopes to see the world’s transformation through the eyes of these little ones.

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