Putin Sends Strippers To Soldiers to celebrate 1 year Anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine War

President, Vladimir Putin, has ordered strippers and pole dancers to be sent to the front in a bid to entertain his troops and motivate them

According to Daily Star’s Saturday publication , the move comes as the Kremlin announces a medal for all Russian soldiers which have deployed in what he calls the ’special military operation’.

News of the entertainment was revealed on social media by a Russian officer who announced that troops would be getting a special surprise.

The tank Colonel in his post who is also known as ‘armoured death’ said ”Our heroes will be given special parties with pole dancing ladies, beer and food as a thank you for their service.”

The first anniversary of the war in Ukraine will be in February.

FOOTBALL: Al-Nassr manager Garcia knocks CR7 as his miss ‘changed the course of the match’

Christian Ronaldo has a frustrating night as Al-Nassr crashed out of the Saudi Super Cup after a 3-1 defeat to Al-Ittihad. The Portuguese forward was through on goal in the first half but failed to find the back of the net after Romarinho had put Al-Ittihad ahead inside 15 minutes. Garcia thinks that the outcome could have been different if Ronaldo had not fluffed his lines at that crucial moment.

THE WORD: “One of the things that changed the course of the match was Cristiano Ronaldo’s missed opportunity in the first half,” the French manager told reporters after the match.

PERSPECTIVE: Al-Ittihad made the most of the let-off and doubled their lead before the break with Abderrazak Hamdallah getting on the scoresheet. Anderson Talisca did pull one back in the 67th minute to ignite hopes of a comeback, but Muhannad Shanqeeti’s strike deep into injury time sealed the fate of the match in favour of the Tigers.

TRAGEDY: Aircraft With Over 60 Passengers Crashes In Nepal

As reported by the Yetti Airlines spokesperson Sudarshan Bartaula, A plane carrying 72 people has crashed in Nepal on Sunday.

“There are 68 passengers on board and four crew members. Rescue is underway, we don’t know right now if there are survivors,” the Yeti Airlines’ , he said.

He further reported that the plane crashed between the old and new Pokhara airports in central Nepal.

The wreckage was on fire and rescue workers were trying to put out the blaze, said local official Gurudutta Dhakal.

Photo credit: AFP

Kanye West weds Yeezy architect.

Kanye west is reportedly married to Yeezy architect.

The rapper and Bianca Censori, who worked as an architectural designer at Yeezy for several years, recently had a private ceremony to celebrate their love, TMZ reports.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ that though Ye and Bianca recently had some sort of wedding ceremony, it doesn’t appear they’ve filed a marriage certificate to make it legal.

Meanwhile, Kanye was spotted wearing a wedding band on Sunday, Jan 8, when he and Bianca arrived at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills.

Just last month, Kanye released a new song, titled “Censori Overload”, another tribute to his new woman.

The lyrics seem to give clues as to why he wanted a quick wedding ceremony.

He rapped, “And The Bible said, ‘I can’t have any more sex til marriage'”.

POLITICAL MIRACLE: Rivers Woman in labour gives birth after screaming “Wike” thrice — Lwmaker tells Gov. Wike

Rivers Deputy Speaker, Ehie Ogerenye Edison, has said a woman who was experiencing difficult labour gave birth after calling Governor Nyesom Wike’s name.

Edison, who represents Ahoada east II constituency in the assembly,
made the claim while speaking on Wednesday, January 11, when Wike visited his constituency Ahoada.

According to him, “As of yesterday night, there was a lady in labour. The lady tried but she couldn’t put to bed. They had already prepared the theatre for her to be operated on this morning.

But because the nurses knew that you are coming to Ahodia today, they were discussing that ‘our executive governor is coming to Ahodia today; this man likes Ahoada people’.

At the hearing of your name, the woman shouted ‘the God of Nyesom Wike, let me deliver safely’. Three times, the woman mentioned your name; she delivered a bouncing baby boy.

Your excellency, that was your name. They came this morning, saying they want to name the boy in your name. I said ‘no, don’t do that until I hear confirmation from his excellency’.”

Four policemen dismissed for sleeping with their married female Colleague in the U.S.

Four policemen from the Nashville suburb of La Vergne in USA have been dismissed for allegedly sleeping with a married female colleague while on duty.

The female officer, identified as Maegan Hall was dismissed while three other officers were suspended on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

Hall was accused of taking off her top at what the local mayor called a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ hot tub party. It was also revealed in December that she ‘engaged in a sexual relationship’ with at least four male officers.

According to reports, the dismissed patrol officers: Juan Lugo-Perez, Lewis Powell, detective Seneca Shields and Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan admitted to the accusations, with Shields claiming he had oral sex with Hall in the department’s gym while on duty.

Hall is also accused of revealing her breast while at a steamy ‘family’ Memorial Day boat party with patrol officer Patrick Magliocco, who was suspended, and fellow officers David Durham and Eric Staats.

“Magliocco said that Staats, himself, Durham and Hall were in the hot tub when Hall’s top came off’ before he and Hall went off to have sex in the bathroom,” the report reads.

K-9 officer Larry Holladay and patrol officer Gavin Schoeberl were also suspended and charged with sexual harassment after exchanging s£xual images with Hall.

📸: La Vergne TNPD

BREAKING: Superstar Kenyan LGBTQ advocate, Edwin Chiloba, found dead in a box

A popular LGBTQ activist known as Edwin Chiloba has untimely passed on.

The Kenyan activist was killed on Wednesday, January 4. Chiloba was found murdered and his body stashed in a metallic box along the Kipenyo-Kaptinga road, in Kapsaret, Uasin Gishu.

According to the police, preliminary investigations show that a car without a plate number was seen dropping the metal box in the area. The matter was reported to police officers who were manning a nearby roadblock. The officers abandoned their post and rushed to the scene. Upon opening the box, a decomposing body of a man dressed in a woman’s clothes was found inside.

It was later established that the dead body was that of the fashion designer and gay rights activist. His remains were then deposited at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital awaiting post-mortem to establish the cause of death as investigations start.

Chiloba was a known LGBTQ advocate in the country. Speaking on the incident, the spokesperson of the Kenyan Police Force, Resila Onyango said they are yet to know the motive. “We don’t know for now why he was killed that way. Experts are handling the matter,” she said.

However, in a statement on Saturday, Police said they had arrested a suspect.
“We have a suspect in custody and we are investigating his role in this murder,” said Peter Kimulwo, the head of investigations at the directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) office in Eldoret. “We are holding him as a prime suspect because there are leads pointing to him and others, but all these are subject to conclusive investigations,” he told reporters.

Why are you gay?

FOOTBALL: Saudi Arabia adjust Marriage rules for Ronaldo, Partner Georgina

Saudi Arabia is reportedly set to bend its marriage law to allow Al Nassr new star signing  Cristiano Ronaldo to live with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

Saudi Arabia marriage law forbids couples that are not married from living together.

However, Spanish news outlet, Sport, revealed that Ronaldo and Rodriguez will be living together in Saudi Arabia with their kids and are most likely not going to be punished for breaking the law.

Ronaldo joined Al Nassr from Manchester United after his contract with the club was terminated by mutual agreement following an explosive interview the Portuguese star had in November with British presenter, Piers Morgan.

The 37-year-old heavily criticised the management of Man United saying there had been no improvement at the club since Sir Alex Ferguson left. He also lashed United coach Erik ten Hag, saying he had no respect for him.

Ronaldo was officially unveiled as an Al Nassr player on Tuesday after receiving a thrilling welcome upon arrival.

He said he chose to join the Saudi Arabian club because he wanted to help in developing the sport in the region and be a mentor to the younger generation there.

He also said he chose to join the Arabian club because he had “won everything” there is to win in Europe.

The deal signed with Al Nassr is a whooping £173m per year deal that has made Ronaldo the highest paid footballer in the world.

©️Sharon Osagi/punch

MURDER:A Medical Doctor identified as Dr. Uyi Iluobe has been shot dead in Delta State

Iluobe was gruesomely murdered at his privately-owned hospital (Olive clinic) in the town of Oghara-eki.

Author: Elijah Ubong

Few days before he was asassinated, a gun shot victim was brought to the hospital and he advised that they would need to provide a police report while treatment is commenced but they rather insisted that the victim be treated off police notification.

He refused and they took the gunshot victim away angry and furious.

On the day of the attack, he was in the consulting room with a patient (who is currently at large).

The patient was said to have come in with severe pains and was being reviewed urgently without registration in medical records when suddenly the assailants came in and shot him d€mead.

The lady (supposed patient) and the assassins left hurriedly in a car parked outside the hospital while other hospital staffs were all lying face down and in fear.

This is the most gruesome manner to k!!! a doctor who places the wellbeing of the community he serves in high esteem.

The body of the late doctor has been deposited in the mortuary while the security agencies are making efforts to fish out his killers.

©️Elijah Ubong

AFROBEATS: Burnaboy and how to survive fame – Niran Adedokun

When I saw the video of Grammy Award winner Burna Boy’s last performance in Lagos and the vitriol he passed on to his fans, my mind went back to an article I read a couple of years back.

 This article, entitled Trust me, I’m a psychologist – fame is bad for your health, was written by someone who had every qualification to tell.

Pamela Stephenson first gained stardom as a comedian on Not the Nice O’clock News, a British television show that ran in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Over the decades, she featured in loads of other television programmes and gained attention as an actress with a long list of performances between the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. She is therefore competent to speak on the concept of fame and what it does to people.

Rock star.

But Stephenson became a psychologist with an interest in the lives of celebrities, amongst other things. So, when someone like that tells you that fame is bad for your health, pay attention.

In this article, the psychologist speaks about her conversation with many celebrities. At the end of it all, she reaches the conclusion that fame alienates the famous. It often creates a new personality, which the original person would find difficult to understand or even cope with. It could be a journey to everything or nothing, depending on how you handle it.

Regardless of the intricacies, literarily, every human being seeks a measure of fame. And most often than not, we crave recognition without preparing for the probable cannibalising effect of the same.

So, over the past decade, the artiste, Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna Boy, has caught the flame of fame. He has moved from one record-breaking accomplishment to the other, crowing his successes with a landmark winning of the Grammy Awards for his Twice as Tall Album in 2021. Before and even after then, there has been no stopping the Nigerian-born star. He is even a national award holder!

It is doubtful that these attainments and those that lie ahead of the 31-year-old artiste surprise him or anyone. Burna Boy dreamt of stardom as a child, and he has put in the hard work, which is now yielding fruit. Countless news reports quote him as saying: “I used to draw superheroes as a kid. I loved superheroes, so I drew a lot. Then I started to like the idea of being a superhero myself.” And the hero he fancied has arrived and landed on his very lap. What we however cannot be sure of is for how long the self-confessed African Giant plans to remain a superhero, and what he desires history to record about him at the end of his tenure.

And about the end of tenure, that is a sure juncture. Every celebrity gets stuck in the euphoria of wealth, access, adoration and membership of the exclusive club of the privileged, but as Dr Donna Rockwell posits in her article, fame is a dangerous drug: a phenomenological glimpse of celebrity, “the fame machine can only churn for so long.” Hence, what happens when the blinding lights of fame go dim, as they would at some point, depends on the conduct of today’s stars.

One of the best show men on duty

Now, this is the ironic thing about fame. It comes like a whirlwind and envelopes its victims in a bubble, where everything except themselves feels like a fantasy. In there, they live in their own world. They rule as they like without time to think about anything or anyone but their status. That stage, where nothing else other than notice and the adulation of people matter, is the place of danger for any celebrity.

Dr Michael Platt, a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr Robert Deaner of the University of Duke, both in the United States, capture this in their experiment: Monkeys pay-per-view.

 They suggest that gaining social status makes people less interested in others. “You can think of attention as a knob that you can turn up and turn down. And when you are low in status, you turn that knob all the way up. You’re paying attention to everybody and trying to learn about them. If you are high status, then your knob is turned down low because it doesn’t really matter- you do whatever you want. It just makes you more aloof.”

At this stage, celebrities forget about everyone who may have contributed to the attainment of their current status. They only concern themselves with their own eminence, and they would spit down on anyone who, in their estimation, does not measure up to them. This is the image that our beloved Burna Boy cut at that performance.

Here is an artiste whose performance thousands of Nigerians paid to come and watch. These people defied considerable odds. Money is not only scarce, but getting fuel into your car is a herculean venture. That is not to speak about the risk of insecurity in the country. People disregarded these to be at your show, but you cannot even be grateful.

Source: cable.ng