FOOTBALL:Why Has Ronaldo not Congratulated Messi? – ADE DIVINE

As a Messi-Ronaldo enthusiast, I have been bothered that Ronaldo has not congratulated Messi publicly on this landmark achievement!

During the 2019 UEFA awards, Ronaldo gave a very beautiful speech explaining his rivalry with Messi. Seated next to the Argentine, he said, “We shared the stage for 15 years, me and him. I don’t know if that’s ever happened in football, the same two guys, same stage, all the time.”

If anything, one must have thought Ronaldo’s words emitted Roger-Rafa vibes. Down the years, the entire world has been awed by rivalry between tennis’s GOATS Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Both men have produced XXL excellence doused with humility and a lot of public respect and admiration for each other.

It was indeed heartwarming reading Roger’s congratulatory message to Rafa after the latter won a record 21st Grand Slam in Australia this year. The world was even more mesmerised seeing Rafa break down in tears during Roger’s farewell match. The way Rafa and Roger have managed their rivalry publicly only helps promote the intrinsic values of sport – fair play, respect, and above all, healthy competition.

Mind you, being bothered by the absence of a Ronaldo congratulatory message to Messi, doesn’t in any way imply with certainty that Messi would have written one in the reverse situation.

Ronaldo and Messi are like the tennis GOATS. A Ronaldo public message to Messi at this point will only add to the Portuguese’ greatness, just like one from Messi in case Ronaldo won will only augment Messi’s greatness. Such will further make their rivalry an exemplary one to kids as well the entire world.

I am still waiting…

At what age should my child start school?

One very important question asked by modern day parents is what age is appropriate for their children to be enrolled in school. This is following the high demands placed on nursing
parents to return to work and the unavailability of trusted caregivers and fears rising from trusting ones kids to a non-family caregiver.

Though in child psychology , school age is assigned according to child development which comes in different stages as the child grows from infancy to adulthood. However, this doesn’t seem to answer the question of what age a child should start school as each child tends to develop differently from another.

Subsequently, school age is also relative to different countries of the world, while some say two to six (2-6)years is appropriate for pre-school/ creche to Primary school, some say four to six (4-6)years.

However, this may also depend on the development of your child’s cognitive abilities. While some children are early bloomers, some are late bloomers and starting school could also be dependent on how early the child can assimilate learned instructions.

At age 2 -3, some children are able to run around without knocking things down, walking downstairs alternating their feet, throwing and catching a ball, climbing. If you find your child capable of doing these activities, you can go ahead to register them in schools where there are creche and kindergarten facilities.

If your child at age two to three can not take on such activities, or could with minimal assistance, you do not need to panic as such a child could be a late bloomer. The child can also start school but will need additional care while in school, so you can look out for schools where such a facility is available.
If you are not a fan of creche and kindergarten and you want to delay your child starting out early, then you should consider the age 4 -6 years old where you can directly enrol them in a pre-primary (Nursery) school at aged 4 and into primary school at age six (6).

Whatever age you decide to send off your child to school, be sure that the school
environment is safe enough to accommodate your child’s needs.

You Are Talented But…

By Moses Umoh

Talent is quite a blessing to whoever is blessed with it. It is one door opener that can get you to where you can’t ordinarily and because of these realities, being talented in anything thing at all is a good thing. You are talented but, know that talents do not just begin to work, they have processes, requirements, and things to do to get them working and it is very important to understand how this works else, you will be talented yet not know how to make good and proper use of it, for it to be a blessing to you. What are those things to do? You may ask. Well, a few of these answers are made available, and let’s look at them.

  1. Discover your talents.
    The first thing to do is to discover the talents you have. This initial move will make you understand what you have. Knowledge, they say, is power, have it about yourself.
  2. Sharpen your talents.
    When you know what you have, the next thing is to sharpen your talent. Get trained by those in the field, learn from their experience and become better. Yes, you are talented but you need to be trained at it.
  3. Serve with your talents.
    After training, serving an existing business with the pieces of training you’ve got will give you the experience you need in the field. This point is where most people miss out because they don’t want to serve. Forgetting that this will give them the experience they need to thrive. Become a volunteer, or an intern, learn more and acquire more experience.
  4. Trade with your talents.
    When you have done the above three, you will have the understanding of how to trade with your talent if you fail to do this, it will mean that you are talented but you may not make it far with it. YOU ARE TALENTED BUT…

The stinking disposition of waiting to be provided for – A letter to Ladies

By Chinaza Favour

Dear ladies,

We need to talk.

You position yourself to receive and the last thing that comes to your mind is how you can give in your relationship.

This needs to stop.

You have a need but you are waiting for your partner to provide that need for you.
Is anything wrong with your hands? Are you going to stop existing if you make your own money and SPEND it?

You are invited to a date and he must cover your transportation cost? Why sell yourself so cheap?
Just so you know, the earth will not collapse if you pay for the meal.😏

Who has done this to us?
This sense of entitlement is the reason many of us would rather engage our bodies than our brains.

Speaking of which, you have wrongly believed that your touch is all a man needs. Real men are not after what’s between your legs. They are no longer after the soft tissues on your chest.

Real men are on the look-out for ladies who can initiate and sustain intelligent conversations!
A lady that has fine matter in between her ears.
Why would a man start a conversation with a supposed ‘fine girl’ and you are just talking off point?

You are in a relationship and you don’t care about the progress of his business as long as he’s providing.
Have you ever made a suggestion that could be considered useful?
Or is it all about your body and good food?

For your information, you will not be this physically appealing in the next 50 years. So, invest in yourself so much so that the first thing a man notices about you is your VALUE!

Do away with that parasitic posture of always being the receiver and learn to give!
Buy him gifts.
Send him lunch from his favourite restaurant.
You will not die.

By the way, making your own money and getting what you want at will, takes money out of the top reasons you’d say yes to a guy.

Real men appreciate women who are independent and not parasites.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, work to be able to afford the life that you desire.
Stop waiting for ‘Him’ to supply all your needs; He is NOT Jehovah Jireh your provider.🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

I just hope you take this seriously and make amends.

Chinaza Favour (The Healer)

A Letter to Men -— Chinaza Favour

Dear men,

I am writing this brief letter to you because I want to believe that you do not already know, and that’s why you keep making this particular mistake in the DMs of some ladies out here.

First off, I know that this is social media but I need you to understand that the world has moved from 2go to more advanced platforms. While some ladies expose their bodies and create contents that appeal to you sensual desires, some ladies use these platforms to chart meaning courses for their lives.

When you see a lady whom you think is doing well, don’t go and start your conversation with FLATTERY. While some girls might fall for your sweet words, the ladies in the real sense of the word, who are goal-oriented, do not have time for such exchanges.

How could you propose marriage to a lady in your first message to her? It is off putting, and only a woman who is desperate for marriage that will sustain such conversation.

Gone are the days when you would tell a lady that she is an acute or obtuse angle or the next best thing after sliced bread and she starts blushing pink.
These days, our ladies are becoming increasingly self aware and confident, and it takes a man who confidently owns his manhood to get their attention.

These ones are too intentional to expend their resources on conversations that don’t encourage their growth and expansion.

Please don’t take this as an insult.
If your ego is a little bruised, it means that you need to man up and do the right thing.
Don’t give yourself off as a boy who doesn’t know what he wants.

Our ladies want to relate with intentional men and if you must rebrand your speech or learn to communicate better to achieve your aim, do it.

I know that some of you will spill bile about this letter but I also know that a sizeable number of you will put the valuable pieces of this letter to good use.

If you do not have the time to give genuine compliments, give clear commendations or engage intelligibly, stay away from her inbox.

I am only writing this to help. Don’t take it personal but take it seriously, if it concerns you.

Kind regards,
Chinaza Favour,
Just another lady in the block.


Chinaza Favour(The Healer) Worital brand ambassador, Writer, Convener and more…
Next edition coming up soon stay tuned…